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08.01.02: MARY EDWARDS LIVE AT THE DUPLEX. When not lamenting about Burt Bacharach’s alleged thriftiness (involving his distribution of various calibres of wine to touring personnel), singer-songwriter Mary Edwards (referred to as the "postmodern Carole King) is elegantly deconstructing the pop maestro's songs by way of Laura Nyro-esque/Rachmannanoff-ish treatment. Vocalist and songwriter Lindsey Wilson’s exquisite interpretations play well to her partner’s organic grooves. Come get aurally seduced for an extremely happy (two) hour gig at one of New York’s best known rooms. Mary Edwards with Lindsey Wilson, every Monday through September 30, 6–8pm, no cover. The Duplex, 61 Christopher Street at Seventh Avenue, NY, NY, Tel. 212.255.5438.

08.15.02: THAT KIND OF WOMAN WRITES TV SHOW THEME. When writer-comedienne Emmy Gay invited TKOW as guests on her weekly program, she had no idea she was in for her own theme music. The catchy, sing-along song can be heard, plus fresh TKOW originals on this smart and funny variety show (think Laugh-In meets Oprah). Come down and be part of the studio audience! See link for details. Emmy Gay in Bluestockings. Airdate: Sundays and Tuesdays, BCAT and Manhattan Cable. Check local listings.

08.23.02: THAT KIND OF WOMAN MAKES "LANDING" AT JFK AIRPORT. Last April, while on queue for the Virgin Atlantic ticket counter, Mary and Lindsey stood before the London Weekend Television cameras and belted an a capella rendition of their single, "Landing" for a documentary on U.K. tourism. It sure beat being frisked. If you want to help the group make real history, call Virgin’s corporate offices, and tell them "Landing" should the anthem for their next ad campaign. Virgin Airlines Documentary. Airdate: September, 2002, ABC-TV. Check local listings.


Singer/songwriter Mary Edwards' breezy, soulful pop compositions reflect incidental, modern music - clean and interesting arrangements, undeniable feelings, and the need for movement or progression. The superlative harmonics of Lindsey Wilson and Robert Durry Scott’s tandem vocals contribute to the group's signature sound. The official band dessert is Creme Brulée.

For more information and bookings, contact:

Montessori Pop
101 Lafayette Avenue, Suite 12C
Brooklyn, NY 11217

"Her songs are brisk, lush, and simply wonderful like imaging she is Mary Tyler Moore!"
- Ericha Fabay"


Sensual sonic architecture, and the essence of the 1960's film music combined with the gorgeous intimacy of the 1970's singer-songwriter era."
-Time Out New York


"Melodies worthy of Kings!"
-Corinne Drewery, Swing Out Sister


"A Postmodern Carole King."
-Evan Jacobson